Give Out Day – consider supporting IHRA today!

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TODAY IS GIVE OUT DAY! Your dollar’s worth double today, so please consider making a donation to Intersex Human Rights through Give Out.

Intersex Human Rights Australia continues to be the organisation that does a lot with a little. Setting national best practice standards that many organisations rely on, while getting by off of foreign philanthropy and part time workers. In order to do more, we need more. Your donation today can make a profound difference to the intersex community, and the intersex-led work that we do in this space.

If you’ve ever looked up about intersex on our website, reached out about policy and best practice in the space, if our work has helped influence your work in any way. This is a great opportunity to give back. Consider making a donation, and sharing our Give Out page around.

Any support you can share with us today is deeply appreciated.

Morgan, Cody, and Clare.

Our page at Give Out