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Darlington retreat

Darlington Statement

…ws. 13 March 2017. Jones J. Intersex activists in Australia and New Zealand publish statement of priorities. Star Observer. 10 March 2017. Comment by Steph Lum, a director of OII Australia Statement: CC BY-NC-ND 3.0 licence….

Our board on 17 November 2019

Board and staff changes from the 2019 AGM

…e who have made vital contributions to the intersex movement in Australia. Steph Lum has created the YOUth&I intersex youth publication, spoken at Women Deliver, as well as leading important improvements to our governance and legal analysis. Alex David has appeared in ABC’s You Can’t Ask That and the SBS Insight program on intersex. We give heartfelt thanks for their work and their friendship. Staff on 17 November 2019: Florin, Morgan and Tony, in…

OHCHR symbol

UN Human Rights Committee calls for recognition of right to bodily integrity

…all deferrable interventions are deferred until we can personally consent. Steph Lum, chair of OII Australia, states: We are pleased to see the UNHRC deliver strong recommendations to Australia, in line with the Darlington Statement, on ending irreversible medical interventions that are not medically necessary and without fully informed and free consent. We are also pleased to see recognition that it is gender stereotyping that often forms the bas…

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… Kerry, Stephen. 2011. ‘Representation of Intersex in News Media: The Case of Kathleen Worrall’. Journal of Gender Studies 20 (3): 263–77. LIAC Library. 2017. ‘Research Guides: LIAC Crime Library: R v Worrall’. 21 September 2017. Palma, J., P.-Y. Sarron, V. Camus, and W. El-Hage. 2018….

IDAHOBIT logotype, white text on black

IDAHOBIT statement, 2019

…oughout their lives. That is why I am personally against the use of “DSD”. Steph Lum, co-chair of IHRA, says: IDAHOBIT day is a time to celebrate and recognise the important history of the removal of homosexuality from the ICD. I call upon those celebrating IDAHOBIT day to act in solidarity with intersex individuals by acknowledging the ongoing pathologisation of intersex traits and recognising that there is much work to be done. The World Health…

Style guide

Media and style guide

…be taken to acknowledge this when talking about intersex people. Co-chair Steph Lum gave a short Power Talk at the Women Deliver conference 2019 Describing intersex We favour the terms intersex, intersex people, intersex variation, intersex trait. These recognise intersex variations as naturally occurring biological phenomena. The phrase “people born with intersex variations” is useful as it recognises the diversity of intersex people. At least 4…

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We celebrate our 10th anniversary

…ers. I wish IHRA every good fortune leading the way towards such a future. Steph Lum, former co-chair and editor of YOUth&I magazine, says: Congratulations IHRA on 10 years! Thank you for your huge contributions to local and international advocacy and community building during this time. Thank you also for supporting younger intersex advocates to speak up, including your support for the YOUth&I project. I wish IHRA the best of luck into the future…

Yes to marriage equality

Yes to marriage equality!

…nds, France and Germany. It’s time for Australia to join the 21st century. Steph Lum, chair of OII Australia, states: We continue to support the right of all consenting adults to marry, regardless of their sex characteristics and regardless of their legal sex classification. While we recognise that the issue of marriage equality directly affects only some members of our community, we stand in solidarity with those who it does affect, both intersex…

Bodily integrity: a figure of a body enclosed in a circle

Bodily integrity

…nquiry, 2018 → Read a speech to Canberra Think Tank on LGBTIQ Inclusion by Steph Lum, 2017 Read Alex David’s article published by SBS, November 2017 → Watch Morgan Carpenter speaking at an AHRC RightsTalk, February 2017 Read Tony Briffa’s speech at the Darwin Outgames Human Rights Forum, May 2014 Read Intersex surgery disregards children’s human rights, Tony Briffa’s letter to Nature, 2004 → We continually engage in evidence-building, including th…

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Our board

Board members on 17 November 2019: Aileen, Morgan, Steph (outgoing), Tony, Peter and Agli, in Hobsons Bay Dr Agli Zavros-Orr – Chair Diversitywise Educational Services Agli (a person with an intersex variation – 46XY Swyers) became a director in 2019, and co-chair on 17 November 2019. They bring to the board a strong background in education. Agli has worked as an early childhood and primary teacher and is a teacher educator. Their doctoral studie…

QPS event

Intersex Awareness Day events around Australia

…e! On Intersex Awareness Day, 26 October, Cody Smith (A Gender Agenda) and Steph Lum (OII Australia) will speak at an event at Canberra Museum and Gallery Theatrette. Australian Parliamentary Friendship Group breakfast OII Australia and the AIS Support Group Australia are holding a breakfast and panel at Australia’s federal Parliament House in Canberra on 19 October. Melbourne ANZ Bank Pride Network movie night Screening of Orchids: My Intersex Ad…

YOUth & I publication, on a wooden table, accompanied by a cup of coffee

YOUth & I intersex youth publication

…heir own way. YOUth & I is an Australian publication created and edited by Steph Lum, and kindly supported by the ACT Capital of Equality grants program. You can download a copy of YOUth & I for free. On 7 July 2019, we put out a call for submissions to create an Australian-first intersex youth publication – YOUth&I. We sought to create a safe space for young intersex people to share their stories in their own words and not be taken out of context…