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LGBTI sponsorship and the elimination of intersex traits

The sponsorship of LGBTI events by IVF businesses raises ethical issues not just about the elimination of intersex traits, but also about the nature of community and comprehension of issues relating to intersex bodily diversity.

Silent Tears project

The Silent Tears project

OII Australia board member Candice participated in the Silent Tears project this year. The multimedia exhibition by Belinda Mason, with Denise Beckwith, Dieter Knierim and Margherita Coppolino, reveals the lived experience of “20 women with disability who were subjected to violence and women with disability who have acquired disability as a result of violence”. Belinda…
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Georgie Yovanovic, age 3

I am intersex: Georgie Yovanovic’s story

Thank you to Georgie Yovanovic, and ABC journalist Emma Sleath, for this personal interview published by ABC Alice Springs. Georgie is a spokesperson for Sisters and Brothers NT.

CeeCee Cody writes on XXY and intersex

In Australia, and indeed in the rest of the world, intersex is not recognised as a third gender identity but rather a biological state of being, meaning we are born intersex. Here in Australia, intersex has been in the news quite a lot over the last number of months and the reasons for that had…
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Chris interviewed by Phoebe

Orchids: Chris Somers xxy interviewed

Chris Somers xxy, Vice President of OII Australia, features in this video segment from Orchids: My Intersex Adventure, via a nice piece by Anna North on Buzzfeed via the Huffington Post. Hart was diagnosed with androgen insensitivity syndrome — in which the body is chromosomally male but doesn’t respond to testosterone… In the film, she…
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Identification document

Breakthrough: XXY researchers acknowledge not all XXY people are male

Researchers at a cluster of Melbourne medical institutes, hospitals and universities have acknowledged in a letter to the editor of the International Journal of Andrology, The Official Journal of the European Academy of Andrology, that not all people with the XXY karyotype are male and that some may be female and some may be intersex….
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Michael Noble

Michael Noble: I am me and I am OK

Michael Noble wrote and presented this biography at the Gay and Lesbian Feast Festival, Adelaide, South Australia in 2002. He subsequently revised it for publication here.

Chris Somers XXY, self portrait, 2013

Chris Somers xxy, Tracy Reibel and David Whyatt: Intersex and androgyny and implications for provision of primary health care

Chris Somers xxy (vice-president of OII Australia) and colleagues present an analysis of intersex issues for primary healthcare providers. Chris Somers xxy is a national and international intersex activist with a M.Ed. By Research (UWA); concerning Androgyny; B.Ed. (Melb); Hons Dip Creative Photography (Trent Polytechnic now Trent University, UK); who has worked in a number…
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