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Sydney Morning Herald on the recognition of non-specific gender

The Sydney Morning Herald yesterday carried a story by Steve Dow on Norrie’s campaign for “legal recognition as a person of no specified sex”. Born male and transitioned to female, before choosing a middle path, the article presents Norrie’s personal journey. OII Australia believes that anyone should be able to choose a “not specified” sex…
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Sydney Morning Herald: “Sexless in the city: a gender revolution”

Trans person Norrie is in the news: A spokeswoman for the Attorney-General’s department confirmed it was the first such certificate to state non-specified gender, and that even intersex children have their sex determined within weeks of birth. A Catholic ethicist, Nicholas Tonti-Filippini from the John Paul II Institute, said birth certificates should also record no…
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NSW Anti-Discrimination Board (NSW ADB) Annual Report 2008-2009 Released

The Anti-Discrimination Board’s 2008-2009 Annual Report has been published. On page 27 it includes a blunt assessment of the lack of protection for intersex people anywhere in Australia: Intersex discrimination – intersex people are not protected against discrimination anywhere in Australia External link: ADB Annual Report 2008-2009

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NSW Government promises to change name of NSW Birth Defects Register

According to two regional newspapers, Glenda Graban of Picton, NSW, has persuaded the NSW Health Department to change the name of the NSW Birth Defect Register to something kinder and more humane. Great work, Glenda! It is reported that NSW Minister for Health John Della Bosca has agreed in principle to the change of name,…
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