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Organisational governance posts.

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Changes at 2015 AGM

Changes at the 2015 AGM and a subsequent board meeting include the election of Tony Briffa, Morgan Carpenter, Candice Cody and Alex David to the board. Morgan and Tony are appointed co-chairs. Alex is secretary, and Candice is treasurer.

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Board changes at OII Australia

A number of changes to directorships took place in today’s board meeting of Organisation Intersex International Australia Limited, including appointments, departures, and changes in role.

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Five years of the not-for-profit company

Five years ago today, Organisation Intersex International Australia Limited was officially registered by the Australian Securities and Investments Commission as a not-for-profit company.

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Governance information and documents, including company and charity information, our constitution, and annual information statements.

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Our board

Our current board members.

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We welcome new members, as individuals and organisations interested in supporting systemic advocacy and policy work in Australia and internationally.

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Gina Wilson retires, new board appointed

OII Australia held its Annual General Meeting today, and appointed a new board. Gina Wilson, our founding president, has stepped down from board positions.

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Our policy on written content

These guidelines are designed to ensure clarity and consistency in written communications, to maintain focus and professionalism.

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Anti-violence statement

OII Australia opposes the use of violence, threats or personal insults as a way of pursuing objectives, and has a duty of care towards its members.