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Organisational governance posts.

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We welcome new members, as individuals and organisations interested in supporting systemic advocacy and policy work in Australia and internationally.

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Gina Wilson retires, new board appointed

OII Australia held its Annual General Meeting today, and appointed a new board. Gina Wilson, our founding president, has stepped down from board positions.

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Our policy on written content

These guidelines are designed to ensure clarity and consistency in written communications, to maintain focus and professionalism.

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Anti-violence statement

OII Australia opposes the use of violence, threats or personal insults as a way of pursuing objectives, and has a duty of care towards its members.

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Please consider donating to Intersex Human Rights Australia! We are almost entirely funded by philanthropy, and your contributions make a real difference.

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OII Australia thanks Gilbert + Tobin

OII Australia wishes to extend its sincere thanks and appreciation to law firm Gilbert + Tobin for their invaluable help in establishing Organisation Intersex International in Australia.

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On medical diagnoses and health information

OII Australia is sensitive to individuals’ right to privacy concerning medical information and does not require any release of medical information or any diagnosis to be a member of our support groups or organisation.

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